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Mesón el Corralillo

Suckling lamb roasted in a wood-fired oven

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Master rotisserie referent

Mesón el Corralillo is more than just a rotisserie located in the beautiful village of Peñafiel, it is a benchmark in the world of traditional Castilian roast lamb. Their passion and dedication to maintain this tradition makes them meticulously choose their suckling lambs, demanding the autochthonous breeds that are the excellence for unique textures and flavours. What sets this mesón apart is not only their expert preparation of roast suckling lamb, but also their use of a traditional wood-fired oven and grill, using vine shoots that provide a very special smell and flavour. Their commitment to preserving these centuries-old techniques is a testament to their love of their craft and local culture. By visiting Mesón el Corralillo, you will be inspired to appreciate and savour the authentic Spanish culinary experience.

Mesón el Corralillo

Tradition, environment and history

Mesón El Corralillo sounds like a wonderful place for food and wine lovers. The Valladolid town of Peñafiel is famous for its tradition in the preparation of roast suckling lamb, and a steakhouse specialising in this delicacy is sure to appeal to the most demanding palates.

The restaurant is located in a historic building that was formerly used for wine storage and sales. The building has been renovated and converted into a warm and pleasant dining environment. You will feel the cosy atmosphere created by the rustic décor and warm colours.

It’s great to know that El Asador El Corralillo offers a wide selection of wines on its wine list. The appearance of wines from Ribera del Duero, a renowned wine region in Spain, along with other options from different regions, will surely please wine lovers.

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