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The meson

Mesón el Corralillo

About our restaurant

From wine cellar to restaurant...

Asador El Corralillo is an inn with a rich history dating back to 1972. Before becoming an inn, the building in which it is located had a different function. It was used as a place to keep, store and sell wine. The history of the building goes even further back in time, which gives it an additional charm.

In 1972, the building was transformed into a traditional inn known as Mesón El Corralillo. During this transformation, an effort was made to preserve some of its historic charm. Although spaces were adapted for diners and cosy decoration was added, some of the building’s original features were maintained, giving it a special personality.

Mesón El Corralillo offers diners a unique gastronomic experience. As a traditional mesón, it offers regional and local dishes and specialities, with an emphasis on traditional and homemade cuisine. In addition, the historic ambience of the building is sure to add a special touch to the dining experience.

Master rotisserie referent

Mesón el Corralillo is more than just a rotisserie located in the beautiful village of Peñafiel, it is a benchmark in the world of traditional Castilian roast lamb. Their passion and dedication to maintain this tradition makes them meticulously choose their suckling lambs, demanding the autochthonous breeds that are the excellence for unique textures and flavours. What sets this mesón apart is not only their expert preparation of roast suckling lamb, but also their use of a traditional wood-fired oven and grill, using vine shoots that provide a very special smell and flavour. Their commitment to preserving these centuries-old techniques is a testament to their love of their craft and local culture. By visiting Mesón el Corralillo, you will be inspired to appreciate and savour the authentic Spanish culinary experience.

El lechazo

Roast suckling lamb is a lamb that has not yet been weaned, so it has only been fed with mother’s milk, hence its nickname of suckling lamb. It is the typical dish of the area and our speciality.

At Mesón El Corralillo we do it the old-fashioned way, a Moorish oven fed mainly by holm oak or Scots pine wood, water, salt  and the clay of its container are the only accompaniments to the sound that guides the master roaster. After two and a half hours or so, when the meat is ready and the skin is golden brown and crispy, it is time to enjoy it. To fulfil these expectations, the diner must be patient and wait for the master roaster to consider that the quarter of suckling lamb is ready to be enjoyed.

                                                              Why should I book in advance?.

Because it is a product that must be eaten within the day. As it takes so long to cook and in order to achieve a homogeneous roast, after a certain time no more suckling lamb quarters can be added to the oven. If you do not reserve it sufficiently in advance, it is very likely that you will not be able to enjoy it and you will be left with the desire to do so;


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